Client Dicker Data
Campaign Name Veritas B.E. BOLD

Dicker Data were looking for a way to stimulate their frontline sales teams and enhance loyalty amongst their channel partners.

Understanding the importance of the channel, Veritas set the challenge to create a program which would encourage and reward resellers for pushing Veritas products over its competitors.


The rising demand for Backup and Data Recovery has been driving the global uptake of Veritas software significantly. As a result, this space is hugely competitive and crowded with many players.

Veritas were looking to reinvigorate their channel partnerships with the help of their valued added Distributor Dicker Data to optimise the performance of its Australian Partner network.


Leveraging Hachiko’s loyalty platform, Dicker Data was able to drive sales growth by engaging partners through regular communications which triggered calls to action that included rewards for the completion of a range of behaviours in the areas of sales and enablement. Program members were kept inspired with a range of auction rewards plus various top performer leaderboard prizes including a VIP trip to the Australian Open Tennis.

The Design

The Design

By re-imagining loyalty through the lens of Veritas’s own channel superheros, Hachiko was able to create a fictional character. This unique BOLD superhero concept, took participants through a series of challenges to develop their skills and demonstrate their selling powers.

The results we delivered

Revenue Increase


More transacted by
program members vs

Points Growth


Member points
earnings grew
246% YoY.

Engagement Rate


of members actively
engaged with the

Sales Growth


New customer sales
grew by 438%