Client Microsoft Operations and SNS
Campaign Name Surface Sales Campaign

Microsoft Surface devices are distributed across the Asia Pacific region through Authorised Distributors and Managed Partners in each country. As part of Microsoft’s ongoing growth strategy and continued Partner investments, Microsoft looked to execute a Marketing campaign, designed to generate business leads and opportunities for Surface Partner SNS.


Microsoft was investing in a number of selected Partners to help them generate Surface Leads for their business. The opportunity was not only to design and execute a demand generation campaign, but also differentiate SNS’s Surface offering from their competitors.


We started with a creative workshop to develop a campaign framework for SNS. We uncovered a unique selling proposition, defined their target markets, established key brand elements and most importantly articulated their Surface offer brought to life through compelling campaign creative.
Hachiko worked closely with SNS to create Marketing assets including a Campaign Landing Page, Digital Banners, Customer Ready eDM, enabling SNS to run an effective demand generation campaign across Social and Digital Channels.

The Design

The Design

The campaign creative were designed to comply with Microsoft Surface brand guidelines, but also incorporate SNS’s branding. The creative was unique to SNS and enabled them to position themselves as a Microsoft Surface Partner as well as tell their brand story.

The Results

The Results

A fully customised campaign landing page was created for SNS that was used to capture business leads. Traffic to this landing page was driven by a paid Social Media Campaign and Digital Content.


The results we deliveried

Marketing Leads!

We were able to deliverover 500 Surface leads

for SNS during the campaign period.