3 Top Trends for Corporate Travel in 2019

Incorporating travel trends that identify with your brand

With the new year in full swing, many organisations are planning their corporate travel incentives for the year. So, I’ve decided to pull together 3 top travel trends for 2019 to consider when designing your business travel for employees or partners. These on-trend details can create a uniquely memorable experience and give your brand an added edge.

1. The Hotel Homely

Increasingly, travellers seek out experiences that best immerse them in local cultures.

Enter homely hotels, your home away from home. Adopting creature comforts and services with a local twist, these specialised hotels offer a warm welcome and a truly comfortable experience for your guests. Soho House Mumbai for example, (pictured) has around 90 percent of the furniture and decor locally sourced, including vintage or specially made pieces. Some hotels have even partnered with furnishing companies, allowing guests to order that gorgeous cushion or armchair they loved in the lounge.  After a busy day out, your guests are sure to enjoy a welcome return ‘home’.

By adding this element to your corporate travel incentives, you will raise the bar and over deliver on travelers’ expectations. Your guests will feel that extra degree of being cared for and have even more unique stories to share when they return home. This could be especially relevant to you if your brand identifies strongly with a high degree of trust and confidence or if you emphasise customisability in the products and services you deliver.

2. Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable tourism is an increasingly popular trend that adds a social conscience to your travel experience. It’s a great way to counter balance the effects of over-tourism and bolster your corporate social responsibility.

The idea is that you can visit a place as a tourist whilst also making a positive impact on the environment, society, and/or economy. Travelers can make their contribution in many ways to both the natural and built environment of the places they visit. With an increasing global awareness regarding the importance of taking responsibility for our environmental impact, this can be a unique and surprisingly rewarding way to travel the world and incentivise your employees or partners.

Adding sustainable elements to your trip can take many forms, so I’ve summarised a few ideas below:

  • Accommodation
    Look for places that have taken significant steps in their own sustainability practices. For example, The Langham London has become the first in Europe to introduce a ‘rapid composting’ system that can turn 2,400lbs of leftovers into water every 24 hours. Whilst the Armani hotel in Dubai is trying to cut kitchen waste by 80 per cent, with the scraps it does generate being turned into soil nutrients.
  • Transport
    Hiring cars? Why not hire electric or hybrid cars. You can even avoid cars altogether at locations such as Rottnest Island of the coast of Perth, and cycle around throughout the trip.
  • Volunteer Projects
    Spend a part of the trip volunteering for an environmental cause or completing a small project. This could be cleaning up a beach, or spending a day at an animal rescue center.
  • The details
    Minimise the use of single use plastics and paper in the way you prepare any travel materials and supplies for your travellers.

Whilst everyone can try to incorporate elements of this into their trips, this will be of particular interest to brands that pride themselves on Corporate Social Responsibility and being environmentally sustainable.

3. Affinity Tourism

Creating a unique, memorable experience is important to all brands.We want to shift away from the ‘been there, done that’ and create something truly special that your employees and partners can look back on fondly. Affinity tourism is about curated experiences that serve the needs of your guests’ passion-points.

These can range from art and entertainment, sports and tech VIP experiences to foodie hubs and crawls and wine, beer, spirits connoisseur tours. Grand and spectacular unique events such as an exclusive dinner with a concert pianist on the Great Wall of China (pictured) are sure to win the hearts and minds of all.

Affinity tourism can work for any brand. The customisation is key. Start by asking yourself what your company and target audience are most passionate about and build the experience around that. You don’t need to have huge budgets either, a bit of customisation can go a long way.

Hachiko partners with top Australian agencies with access to the ultimate experiences globally and the ability to tailor the travel experience to meet the needs of your brand, budget and guests. Speak with the Hachiko team today to learn how we can improve your next business & incentive travel experience.