Driving Customer Engagement With Gamification

You may have recently seen the news that Hachiko is now offering our clients gamification in the form of Digital Scratch Cards.

Among the various new technology innovations, gamification has pulled the maximum buzz by digital leaders.

The term gamification was coined by Nick Pelling in 2003. It embraces game design mechanics to non-game contexts basically to engage users with the company’s brand. The main objective of this technique is to make the engagement fun, challenging and entertaining.

“Brands that successfully engage their customers through gamification realized 63% lower customer attrition and 55% higher share of wallet.”–Gallup

The Results Are In

Since launching this new offering earlier this year we have had two clients turn to Digital Scratch Cards to further boost customer engagement.

One client, a food and beverage wholesale distributor, recently wrapped up their Scratch & Win promotion which led to pleasing results.

Digital Scratch Cards allowed our client to quickly launch a highly engaging and interactive promotion into market, in order to drive increased sales and loyalty to their brand. But most importantly via a very cost-effective means. The total cost of the promotion including prizes, administration and creative was just 1% of all sales transacted during the promotional period.

Interest in the promotion was high with customers with communication open rates soaring as high as 70%. As a result of this increased awareness over 23,000 Scratch Cards were issued, 158 prizes distributed and an increase in average month sales of over 5%. More pleasing was 65% of their previously disengaged customers returned and purchased.

To learn more about how Digital Scratch Cards can, like these clients, increase your conversion rate, build brand awareness, and raise your customer loyalty speak to us.