Moving on Up!

Moving on Up!

We are excited to share that we have relocated our Headquarters, just a stone’s throw away from North Sydney Station at McMahon’s Point. One of the main reasons behind the move is simple, our clients! In order to cater for the next wave of growth we needed an office space that keeps up with the pace of our clients growing Loyalty and Rewards needs. In order to delve into the reasons behind the move, we have a chat to the General Manager, Donna Adam.

When was it decided that Hachiko needed to move its HQ to McMahon’s Point?

Donna: The organisation has grown substantially since its inception five years ago and we have a clear growth strategy in pace for the future. In order to ensure long term success the move to larger office space in a more accessible location was an inevitable step in our business evolution. Initially, a lot of our clients came from the B2B space however in the last couple of years our business has significantly grown off the back of a number of successful B2C programs. As a consequence of expanding our clientele, the Hachiko team continues to grow. We know location plays an important part in attracting the right talent so being close to the heart of the North Sydney business district also played a key factor in the new office selection.

Our new office space features formal and informal meeting spaces allowing us to welcome client meetings in an environment which we feels matches our vision and values.

Now that you are at McMahon’s Point, what can we expect to see from Hachiko?

You can expect to see us continue to help our existing clients gain competitive edge in the market by designing and managing bespoke programs.  You will also see some new services launched, such as our new Concierge Service and interactive SMS options. All designed to help recognise and increase engagement with your most valued customers.