Hachiko establishes a strategic relationship with Corporate Rewards

Hachiko establishes a strategic relationship with Corporate Rewards

Hachiko is pleased to announce we have established a strategic relationship with Corporate Rewards, a leading UK Rewards and Loyalty company. The relationship with Corporate Rewards provides Hachiko with access to a leading incentive platform built from over 15 years of Loyalty and Rewards program experience along with best practises for industry specific programs such as IT, trade and more. We speak to Hachiko’s Managing Director, Patrina Kerr to learn more about the relationship with Corporate Rewards.

What was the inspiration behind the Corporate Rewards relationship?

This new relationship provides Hachiko with an increased capability to build and manage reward and incentive programs globally while providing further scale into specific industries and expertise.  Corporate Rewards invests heavily into ongoing platform development with multi-language capabilities soon to be released.  Being in the Asia Pacific market, full support of multi-language capabilities will provide Hachiko with a true competitive advantage.

How does Corporate Rewards align with the values behind Hachiko?

Both Hachiko and Corporate Rewards have the philosophy of putting the needs of the client first so that they can have a unique Loyalty and Rewards program as opposed to being relegated to fixed rewards. By enabling our clients to have a tailored approach to rewards, we are able to have a better service our clients by having a greater understanding of the target members and their needs.

Furthermore, the new relationship with Corporate Rewards gives us an increased understanding of loyalty markets and an increased reach into many parts of the globe.