Rewarding partners and employees with a jam-packed trip to Italy

Rewarding partners and employees with a jam-packed trip to Italy

This week a group of motivated partners and sales staff head back to work with a spring in their step after an all-expenses paid, 5-day Study Tour to Italy, thanks to APC by Schneider Electric.

The most recent of APC Amplify travel incentives, which is hosted by Hachiko, had winning partners fly to Venice and Rome to visit the APC Conselve site and Ferrari HQ. Fortunately, Ferrari is a global customer case study for APC by Schneider Electric and therefore winning partners were part of an exclusive group who got to drive a Ferrari at full speed around the streets of Maranello!

It is evident that travel incentives are successful tools in motivating and rewarding top performers. However it is the role and power that the travel incentive plays before, during and after the program ends which can truly benefit your organisation.

What are the benefits of using a travel incentive?
The main focus of a travel incentive is to create an extraordinary experience for employees, clients or consumers that fosters learning, growth, engagement and to form lasting partnerships.

Before the trip:

Excitement and anticipation – The announcement of a travel incentive via a reward program elicits an atmosphere of excitement, competition and increases morale.
Increased motivation and productivity – The drive for participants to win a place on the travel incentive not only tells them that their efforts will be rewarded but also makes them feel valued by the organisation. Renewed motivation and productivity go hand in hand as their results have a direct effect on product output.
Achieve business goals – Engagement and activity will significantly increase during the incentive period and this will ultimately mean better results for your organisation.
Channel recognition – Partners can also become highly engaged with your brand and your products when a desirable incentive is made available to them. Being recognised as a winner allows the partner to stand out from the crowd and be recognised for their achievements in a channel community where there is often much competition.
Brand awareness – Effective communication of the incentive program and travel prize can significantly enhance an organisation’s brand and worth in their specific market. The right promotional tools will help your brand be the talk of the industry.

After the trip:

Refreshed and valued – After being rewarded with a once in a lifetime travel incentive participants return to work feeling refreshed, valued, motivated and ready to put what they have learnt into action.
Positive association with an organisation and loyalty to the brand – A successful trip often triggers a strong positive association with an organisation and fosters loyalty and commitment to the brand. This will also create an atmosphere for valuable word of mouth promotion.
Stronger partnerships and long lasting memories – Travel incentives provide fantastic opportunities for team building, collaboration and creating long lasting friendships. Positive memories play an imperative role in maintaining business performance and loyalty.

How do you create a successful travel incentive?
A successful travel incentive will engage participants throughout the program, be personal and should offer unique experiences.

Engagement is key. The only reason that a travel incentive is successful is if it consistently engages with the target audience to promote activity and excitement. Another element of a successful incentive is that it should be personal. Personalisation adds an extra touch showing participants that this isn’t a stock standard incentive, its one that goes the extra mile. Some ideas include creating personalised travel packs which could consist of travel essentials such as power adapters, luggage tags, merchandise or a city guide.

And most importantly, to offer a unique travel experience requires the right partnership with the right Rewards and Incentive Company is established. A reputable company can help design an exciting incentive, consistently engage participants throughout the incentive period and make the travel process absolutely seamless. The right company offers the insight into unique and once in a life time experiences that a simple travel agent could not.

The ultimate travel incentive will be well researched, tailored, personalised, well organised and seamlessly managed.

Need help in creating the ultimate travel incentive?
View the Hachiko Travel incentive recorded webinar to learn more on how you can effectively structure a travel incentive program and to hear about the new hot trends in the tourism industry!