About Us


The name Hachiko comes from an inspiring story about a dog born in 1923 in Japan. This dog has been honoured worldwide for his remarkable loyalty to his owner – even many years after his owner’s death.

We adopted Hachiko’s name to reflect our commitment to loyalty and our clients.

Founded in 2012, Hachiko can provide global cover to our clients with offices across Australia and New Zealand and through our strategic partnerships, expand into US, UK and Europe.


As a Reward Loyalty Provider, we come into work every day to help our clients achieve their objectives – and this can be seen in the work we do.

Fun & enjoyment is important! For us it’s incredibly rewarding to deliver great results. Our ethos when designing a program or creating a new design for a client is simple; we want to reward engagement and build loyalty.

Read below to find out a little bit more about the people who make up Hachiko.

Steven Chedid

Programs Manager

“It’s exciting to work with such a diverse group of global brands in a range of leading industries and to be part of an amazing team that makes loyalty, incentive and marketing campaigns an absolute joy to bring to life, nurture and watch thrive – all while having a blast in the office!”

Quynh Luong

Programs Manager

“The work we do and the people I work with at Hachiko makes being an employee so fulfilling. A supportive, experienced and fun team that inspires me to deliver excellence!

I love bringing together both data and creativity to really deliver results for my clients. #lovemyjob”

Paul Limbers

Programs Team Manager

“Hachiko combines a great range of talent and experience to provide highly effective rewards and loyalty programs. Working with the team to continually drive innovative solutions and results for our clients is a great environment to work in every day. We always challenge ourselves to be better and have fun while we’re at it!”

Juan Carlos Andres

Web Design / Web Development

“Working at Hachiko is a long, unforgettable experience, there is so much to do and learn, in a relaxed yet dedicated environment where everyone strives to create something truly spectacular.”

Ashna Kaul

Programs Manager

“I enjoy working at Hachiko as it gives me the flexibility to freely explore different facets of marketing in the one role – I love designing programs and eDMs, coming up with punny names and brainstorming ideas with the team!”

Tara Wakefield

Programs Manager

“Working as a team at Hachiko is fun. Learning from experienced marketers in my first corporate job is exciting. I love the fact that every day is all about providing the best outcomes for our clients.”

Patrina Kerr

Managing Director

“Every day I am motivated and excited by what we do for our clients. Seeing the powerful results that can be driven through team work makes me extremely proud to lead this company.”

Donna Adam

General Manager

“I enjoy working for a company which is focused and committed to meeting measurable marketing outcomes on behalf of our clients. My passions are client satisfaction, building repeatable business and understanding the evolving needs of our clients.”

Julie Hartley

Finance Manager

“I love working in a busy office with an incredibly supportive, friendly team. But the best part of the day is seeing our team mascot and team motivator Bowie the dog.”

Nina Arriola

Program Administrator

“I am grateful to be a part of this team, working remotely has never been this rewarding. Hachiko has equipped me with everything I need to efficiently do my role. Tools, technology and the right amount of daily chat.”

Ellyce Cunnane

Programs Manager

“I take pride in working within a committed and friendly team, who thrive on surpassing client expectations in all facets of a program. It is a pleasure to work with a range of leading brands who show such dedication to engaging and rewarding partners, customers and employees.”

Reza Haghighi

Design Studio Manager

“Great design plays such a crucial role in driving engagement. The team at Hachiko is always pushing to improve our member experience and the quality of our design for the clients we work with. It’s a rewarding environment where I feel like I can consistently deliver my best work.”

David Rosser

Sales Manager – AU

“Building successful incentive and reward programs is something I am passionate about and the opportunity to work with companies to create something unique and special.”

Warwick Grey

Sales Manager – NZ

“Working with clients to create compelling, consistent, marketing campaigns and loyalty programs is something that I have always loved doing throughout my career.

The high performing team at Hachiko ensure the results we get speak for themselves.”

Cathy Baena

Program Administrator

“Working at Hachiko has been inspiring. The morale, culture and work ethics is something that I cherish. This is not work for me, Hachiko has become my passion, and in my passion I will always be grateful.”


Head of Barketing

“As the team mascot, I take pride in keeping up staff morale. I get job satisfaction by chasing down business, which isn’t too hard because who wouldn’t want unwavering loyalty!

I also enjoy sharing my unconditional love with clients during meetings, and don’t even mind the odd wrestle to release the stress of a challenging day at work.”